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How clearing cache can free up your phone’s space
You’ve just spotted a brilliant object, or found a scenic beauty, or are all set for a selfie but the moment you save your picture, you get this pop-up stating that you’re running out of space. Annoying, right?

Then you might download a space cleaner app and fiddle with it only in vain. The storage remains full and you begin deleting your favorite pictures and videos. Sad, right? Seeing your phone run out of space can be really puzzling, because you’d never know what data used up your device’s space. Your phone doesn’t require permission to store some of the unwanted data that it collects from various sources, including the internet. So how do you prevent these little creepy things from slithering into your phone and using up the space? The answer might not sound very encouraging but that’s the sad truth; you can’t prevent your phone from forming cache. You can’t prevent their formation but you can always get rid of them. The app cleaner apps do not always help, so let’s have a look at some of the ways that can clear cache.
Mobile Users have to perform a different set of actions from desktop users to clear cache. Here you go. Enlighten yourself!
Mobile Browsers:
 Chrome for Android: Do the tap-tap and find the Settings button in your Google Menu. Tap on Advanced Privacy and from the drop-down menu select “All Time”. Check Cookies and Site Data and Cached Images and Files. Tap on “Clear Data”. Exit the browser and reopen it.  Safari for iOS: Open your Settings app. Tap on Safari. Tap “Clear History and Website Data and confirm. Exit the browser and reopen it to see the result.  Chrome for iOS: Tap “Settings” app. Tap Privacy and then tap “Clear browsing data”. Check “Cookies”, “Site Data” and “Cached Images and Files”. Again tap “Clear Browsing Data”.
Desktop Browsers:
 Chrome: Enter “ chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” in the browser bar. Click “Advanced” from the “Clear Browsing Data” window that appears at the top. Select “Cached images and files”. From the drop down box, select the Time Range. Then click on “Clear Data” and exit browser.  Firefox: Select “Clear Recent History” from the History Menu. Select the “Time Range” from the drop down box. Click on “Everything” if you want to clear the entire cache. Select which elements to clear from “Details”. Click “Clear Now” to clear your cache.
 Microsoft Edge: Click on the Hub icon present in the Top Right corner of the window. Click on the “History” icon and select “Clear all history”. Select “Cached data and files”. Click “Clear” next. Exit and re-open browser.  Opera: Select “Clear Browsing Data” from the “Privacy and Security” in the “Settings”. Select the time range in the “Obliterate the following items from” to delete cache. Select “Cached images and files” and click on “Clear Browsing Data”. Exit and re-open the browser.  Safari: From the Safari Menu, select “Clear History” or “Clear history and website data”. Select the desired Time Range and then click “Clear History”. Press command-Q to exit the browser.

These were the steps to clear internet cache. To clear cache of individual applications, one has to go “Applications” in the “Settings” Menu and select individual application. Then click on Storage and Tap the “Clear Cache” button. This deletes the cache that is stored by individual applications in your phone. The next time you run out of storage, you know what to do. Your favorite pictures and other important data do not need to be removed to make space for new ones.

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