100% Free Laptop

Have you ever thought it was possible to get a free laptop?

What about a new chromebook, macbook pro or macbook air,

Where would you buy a laptop and what would you use it for?

Wouldit be on Amazon, Walmart, newegg ormaybe Bestbuy?

Maybe you will use your laptop as a workstation, gaming computer

or just for surfing the internet.

There are so many laptop brands out there.

We have HP, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Asus , Acer and dell laptops.

So which laptop can I get for free you ask!?

There are ways to get a new portable computer or laptop

If you are low income you can apply at www.computerswithcauses.org

What about a brand new laptop from 2021 when you can´t use the above?

Submit here!

Of course there are sites offering you to win a laptop.

But how do you know they would really give you?

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