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Are you so tired of seeing those intrusive ads and disturbing
popups that come from “nowhere”?
Now is time to stop ads in your device, may it be your cell phone (Android and IOS)
or computer. So how can one actually block ads?
Is it it easy? It depends really what adblock features you want to implement.
You could easily use your browser an ad blocker. But there are also ad block
extensions and apps. So lets remove those ads and popups?
Are you really sure?
These ads really do disturb sometimes, but without them you should know it will be harder
for you favorite sites to manage profits and by blocking ads, their revenue shrinks and
may deliver you less good content by time. And sometimes the site itself will block you
from viewing their content because you have an ad blocker installed. On the other hand
if users are so annoyed by the massive ad push, they may not find the content or the
products/services offered by the ad serving site.
There is also a possibility that a popup contains
malicious code, if you happen to click and download something, which is bad of course for you.

However if you decided to blocka d then you can do this in your browser menu and go to
block popups and even ads, but it is the simplest way. In Chrome for example
you go to settings, content, popups, then block!
So did you decide to block ads already? A good tutorial here:


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