Free Food Delivery


Get food delivered straight to your front door? Yes!

If you are too lazy to get out and buy food or too tired to cook any food or, even if you have a lot of people at home and don’t feel like picking up food or cook a big meal you can order food from home and get food delivered to you. Pizza, pasta sushi, stake or dessert!

Food delivery has gained a lot of popularity through the years and especially now during a pandemic where you don’t have to go out and be around people. There are a lot of different apps and websites for food delivery, many have a wide variety of food to choose from. It is very easy to order food from home. Simply search for delivery food and download the app that delivers food near you, choose what you want to eat and wait for your food to come to you. Most apps have an estimated delivery time so you’ll always know where your food is.

The most popular apps are Grubhub, UberEats, Postmates,, Instacart.

Its free to download but some restaurant may charge delivery fee or have order minimums. Simply choose your location to see what is near you and order. It is also possible to order ahed of time and is one of few delivery services that allows you to pay in cash. This app is available in many cities in the U.S and London.
UberEats has many similarities to the well known app Uber drive. It is available in many cities all over the world and keeps growing. It is free to download but it charges a service fee depending on the location and restaurant you order from. They usually have a fast delivery.
This app is a little different than the other food delivery apps mentioned above. They do not only deliver food they also deliver groceries and even alcohol. Get the food delivered to you or order and pick it up yourself! Like many apps they also have a service fee. You can also leave a tip if you’d like.
You can order from their website but its also available as an app for convenience. Here you can get food, alcohol, groceries and even get your dry cleaning. With repeated use you can collect points and receive rewards.
This app is an app that delivers groceries and household items to your door or pick it up at a store. It is very convenient and has a same-day delivery. Depending on your area there are a wide variety of stores you can shop from.

Food delivery is so easy to use and only takes a couple of minutes to order from and after that you can relax and wait for your food to come to you!


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