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Internet speed is basically the speed by which the data goes from the World Wide Web to your computer, cell phone or tablet.

The speed of the internet is calculated in megabits per second i.e. Mbps, where a single megabit is equivalent to 1,024 kilobits. This shows that 1.0 Mbps is more than 1,000 times speedier than 1.0 kbps. The fast internet connection is the one which has the download speeds of no less than 768 Kbps while the upload speed should not be less than 200 Kbps. So, in order to check how fast is your internet, you have to record both the uploading and downloading speeds for a week or two and then, just take out the average.

Factors affecting internet speed:

There are various variables that can influence the speed of your internet. The speed of the internet also depends upon the kind of internet connection you are using. The internet connections may be DSL, 3G, and 4G, modem, hotspots, broadband and many others. A lot of times, the capacities of a site or an Internet network can influence speeds by topping off the capacity that Internet clients can download, transfer, or stream information.

How fast my internet can be?

To figure out, how fast your internet can be, you have to first consider the kind of internet connection you are using. From 3G wireless to DSL, every internet connection has different speed limits to offer to their customers. In case you are using hotspots or 3G, 4G services then you will not have not very fast internet speed as compare to the person using modem or DSL. To check the limit of your internet speed, you need to contact the internet connection service provider.

However, before figuring out how fast your internet can be, you need to ask a few questions to yourself:

For what reasons you are utilizing the Internet?(e.g. personal or business use)
What are the expected reasons of your hourly, day by day or month to month Internet use?
Are you viewing high-quality content or downloading large files?

After getting the answers of all these questions, you have to determine how much speed you need to perform all your tasks on the internet. And then, you need to select the internet connection according to your requirements. If you want to perform business related tasks then 3G or 4G services are not enough for you. You must have DSL or modem services. And, depending upon your downloading and uploading speed, you can figure out hoe fast your internet connection could be.

Where to test my internet speed? Here are places you can make reliable internet speed test: by Ookla,, simple test and, measure quality of internet speed.


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