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Korean beauty products are the ones that originated from Korea. Korean skincare (K-beauty) has gained a lot of attention and popularity all over the world. Koreans are known for taking care of their skin and for their extensive skin care routine. Their main goal is to have healthy, soft and brighter skin.

Korean skincare differs from western skincare in many ways, from their approach, formula and beautiful packaging. Their focus is also prevention, for example wrinkles and damage from our environment. Most of their ingredients are inspired by nature and are generally very gentle. They also have very unique ingredients such as snail mucus. Korean skin care is also known for being innovative, bb cream, cushion and sheet mask all originated from Korea.

They put a lot of focus on deeply hydrating the skin by layering products for maximal hydration. Koreans are known for their extensive ten step skin care routine which consists of double cleansing, exfoliator, toner, essence, serums, masks, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be ten steps long it can be 4 or 15 steps. Its all about customizing to what your own skin needs.

There’s a lot of competition among all the skin care brands but Korean skin care has kept their prices relatively low compared to other brands while still giving your skin all the benefits. So why should you turn to the Korean skin care world? They use natural ingredients that are gentle to the skin, They are coming up with new ways and formulas to boost your skin. They have a lot of options for customization so you can mix and match what your skin needs. They heavily put focus on the health of the skin. They also have super beautiful and cute packaging!

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