Funimate – The Best Tips



Funimate is a film editing app and it offers wallpapers, stickers, key frames, transitions, music, animation and different effects. Here are some useful facts about Funimate
Wallpaper: The app offers its own wallpapers so you don’t have to search for it on your own.
Transitions: Funimate offers many different transitions that are crucial in film making when you want to merge two clips together.
Effects: They have many effects that you can choose from if you like that. A tip is to not use too many effects, because this can draw the attention away from the video. They also have text effects to further express emotion and bring power into the words.
Stickers and Animation: The app offers their own stickers and different kinds of animation.
Trim and Merge: The app allows the user to cut clips and merge videos together in a simple and easy way to perfect your movie.
Music: Depending where you decide to post your movie clip you have to take copyright into consideration, besides that you can use any song that you’ve downloaded on your device.


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