Best Way To Remove Blackheads



The best way to remove blackheads

Products with Salicylic acid is the ingredient for treating black and whiteheads by breaking down clogged pores that contain oil and dead skin cells. Many can be sensitive to salicylic acid so using it a few times a week is a good start.

Exfoliators with alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs) is great for black and white heads to prevent and remove them by getting rid of excess dead skin cell. Since exfoliating your skin can lead to irritation, you should focus on the area where you have pores.

Topical retinoids can be harsh for sensitive skin but it can be great for bad acne and blackhead removal.

Clay or charcoal masks are great for drawing oils and toxins. This can be used a few times a week in combination with exfoliating.

Black head popping or pore strips aren’t that great. They remove blackheads but they can also remove other things your skin needs and that can cause irritation. See a professional for blackhead extraction and if you must do it yourself use extraction tools and clean hands.

Other great products for treating and remove blackheads is a facial steamer, different exfoliating brushes and extractor tools. Of course you should never touch your face too much or sleep with makeup on.


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