Free Cell Phone



There are two main ways to get a free smartphone

You can get a free cell phone by any non profit organization or

government aid plan. OR you can subscribe to a cell phone plan in order

to get a free cell phone.

What you want to do is up to how much work and maybe little money invloved

you want to put there for a new cell phone.

The totally free way but are you eligible for iphone, samsung, lg or any other phone?

1. Lifeline Support

Lifeline Support is a government program that help reduce the cost of cell phones for people that qualify.

Are you one of them?

For cheap cell phones you may look at any marketplace like offerup or craigslist for an affordable cell phone.

Cell phone plans is the other way!

Some cell phone providers that offer free phones like iphone, LG, Motorola and samsung when you subscribe are:


T- mobile




Hope you will find the free or cheap cell phone you need now!


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