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Do you pay too much for gas & fuel? Do you look back at the days when gas was cheap? Yes gas prices today are sky rocking. How to save money on gas and your electricity bill
Not being able to afford heat or power to your home can be very worrying and make you anxious. But there is help available if you’re struggling. Before you miss a payment it’s important to get in touch with your supplier to ask for help. If you’re struggling with money or repaying a debt, options include:
access to hardship funds: this is only in some cases.
payment breaks, or a reductions in how much you pay
having a longer time to repay what you owe.
Reviewing bill payment plans, including debt you might be repaying in instalment.

The absolutely best way to saving on your electricity bill is to get smarter with how you use it at home. You can save a lot depending on the size of the house and other factors.
The many things you can do at home to lower electricity bill.

turn the lights off, use the natural light of your windows.
Turn the lamps and electronics off when you are not in the room or not using a product that need electronic.
Maybe instead of a fan or AC on all day maybe open the windows for more circulation and fresh air.
You will waste less water by starting your washing machine or dish washer with a full load. A half empty load is going to make you wash more often and use a lot more water. And hang dry your laundry instead.
Take shorter showers to save more water.

How to save money on gas
Initially the gas price was pandemic related with supply issues and rising in demand. Now the cause is less about supply chain issues and more about the tension in the global oil market. Since Russia is a major oil producer, and invaded Ukraine in february, oil prices have skyrocketed. The prices could go even higher. The gas prices has been ricing for months and it is taking a toll on everyones bank account.
A couple of easy ways to save money on gas:
Pay with cash instead of card.
Reward cards: There are different kinds of cards, either way these will save you some money. It will be worth it in the long run saving a couple of bucks for every tank.
The gas prices fluctuates day to day so make sure to fill up when its the lowest.
Drive eco friendly.
Remove excess weight in your car. The heavier the car the more gas it takes.

Use a cheap gas app finder like gas buddy in order to get cheap price for gas.


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